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Traditional and Wild

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Promoting traditional production and usage of herbs for diminution of social and economical differences in Middle Europe.


Total of 9 partners from Hungary, Slovenia, Czech Republic and Poland collaborating on the project: University Corvinus Budapest, Hungary (leading partner); WWF – World Wide Fund for nature, Hungary; Local Community Kunadacs, Hungary; Regional Development Centre South-Transdanubian, Hungary; "PRO CARPATHIA", Association for the Development and Promotion of the Duchy "Podkarpackie", Poland; Development Agency Kozjansko, Slovenia; Institution Foundation BiT Planota, Slovenia; University Mendel Brno, Czech Republic; Regional Agriculture Chamber of South Moravia; Czech Republic.
The purpose of the international collaboration is to develop a joint strategy for solving the problem of employment of disadvantaged target groups from the countryside.


1. Development of the tools and strategies for encouraging traditional production, processing and usage of herbs.

  • Executing a socioeconomic analysis on target groups.
  • Developing a module and a manual on training women from the countryside, and executing a workshop for the improvement of their entrepreneurial performance.
  • Compiling and analysing the information on the herbs, their characteristics, and the ways of production and processing.

2. Practical execution of the model and valuation of the results.

  • Preparing a marketing strategy with the purpose of encouraging marketing of the products (herbs, and products made from them) on the local and regional level.
  • Training people from the target group in traditional production, processing, marketing and sale of the products.
  • Establishing herbal gardens with the purpose of raising awareness between various target groups (students, visitors, country folk…) on the importance of production, processing and usage of autochthonous herbs.
  • Purchasing lab equipment for the analysis on the quality of the ingredients in herbs.
  • Developing one traditional product in each participating region which is prepared from local plants, each product has its marketing strategy and a special packaging.

3. Spread of the project’s results.

  • Preparing the plan for the spread of the project’s results.
  • Developing special packaging with the designation of the origin for each traditional product.
  • Designing a promotional video to spread the traditional knowledge on production, processing and usage of herbs.


  • Preparation of a database on the herbs’ cultural tradition.
  • Preparation of a socioeconomic analysis on the target group.
  • Development of programmes and manuals for training women from the countryside.
  • 50 women from the countryside qualified in entrepreneurship and marketing.
  • Formation of a marketing strategy for marketing typical products.
  • Establishment of 5 herbal gardens.
  • Establishment of a laboratory for the analysis of the quality of the ingredients in herbs.
  • Development of 1 traditional herbal product which has its special packaging, and the product has also obtained a certificate.
  • Design of a promotional video to spread the traditional knowledge on the production, processing and usage of herbs, and of other promotional materials.


3 years; from May 2011 to April 2014.


The total value is 1.181.630 €, the budget of the Institution Foundation BiT Planota is 143.030 €.
85% co-financed by the programme Central Europe, own fund totals 21.455 € for three years.


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